About Us


Too often we are resigned in thinking a place—a city, a neighborhood—can only be one thing or a particular undesirable outcome is inevitable. We don’t see the alternatives, the possibilities, or, if we do, the path to achieving it.

Centro guides places in thinking differently. Finding solutions that work for all stakeholders. Creating fresh perspective grounded in the stories and history of a place. And uniting local government, business, and neighborhood groups as resources to realizing a vision.

The result is not only a restored, revised, revitalized, rejuvenated place serving the needs of those who work, live, and play there. The result is a place that uses its new-found resources, tools, and autonomy to self-manage. To address new challenges, seize additional opportunities, and continue to thrive.


We are committed to:

Empowering neighborhoods and places to effectively manage themselves

Helping neighborhoods and places achieve their goals

Opening up possibilities and turning your vision of a place into a reality

We believe:

  • Places are so much more than physical space—they are representations of how we come together and inspirations for how we live
  • Healthy city centers are important, but city centers are only as good as their surrounding neighborhoods
  • Neighborhoods are where the business of life occurs and are therefore the richest opportunities for creating engaging places
  • Healthy, thriving neighborhoods make for healthy, sustainable, successful cities
  • Places begin with authentic stories and history; protecting both and using them to bring people to together ensures welcoming places for all populations
  • Micro-issues like where to put bike lanes and access to composting are indicators of the need for bigger thinking about structures, tools, systems, and processes and how these things empower places and neighborhoods with decision-making abilities
  • Preserving a city or neighborhood’s grit, character, and authenticity is vital to the formation of a long-lasting, inviting place

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