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At Centro, we believe successful, vibrant places come from passionate people, creative interventions, and sustainable practices. Our innovative services and tools support the development of each of these components, uniting them in service to the creation of a district, a neighborhood, a city center, a community—a place—for people to come together and thrive.


Strategy and Capacity

Centro has expertise in the creation and development of organizational approaches and funding strategies that create the capacity to guide change in your community.


Creativity and Culture

The foundation of any place is its unique storyline. A place’s history, culture and creative environment become its differentiators. We believe in nurturing and growing this culture and creative context of locations.


Developing and Supporting Arts, Creative and Cultural Districts

Supporting the Growth of the Creative Economy

Strategies to Support Sustained Affordability in Developing Areas



At Centro, we know that it’s people and the organizations they serve that must support any planning and revitalization approach and put it into action. To that end, public process and a strategy to build consensus is critical to the success of every project we do. We’re specialists in outreach.


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Interested in learning more about working with Centro? Each new project receives a complimentary one hour consultation with our team to learn more about our process, hear about your options, and answer any questions you may have.

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