Downtown Longmont Alley Redevelopment and Activation Plan

The City of Longmont and the LDDA undertook a project with Centro to improve the downtown alleys.  This project focused on the six alley segments located between 3rd Avenue and 6th Avenue on either side of Main Street and addressed drainage issues, utilities, alley pavement within the 20 feet wide alley right-of-way, trash enclosures and creating a sense of place and identity for Downtown. Centro led on the stakeholder engagement and on identifying highest and best uses of the alleys and how to incentivize private businesses to utilize the alleys once redeveloped.

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Amanda KrissLongmont, CO
West 38th Avenue Marketing, Development and Activation Strategy

Through an intensive visioning process led by Centro Inc. that engaged hundreds of investors, residents and the opinions of residents from communities in the surrounding area, Wheat Ridge’s unique aspects were revealed, and then brought to life through the development of a powerful new brand that has been integrated into the physical environment and implemented in new marketing and communications, programming and events.

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Amanda KrissWheatridge, CO
Bond Park Master Plan

Centro led on the engagement process to develop a master plan for Bond Park, which relied on a level of public involvement that had not previously been seen in the community. The resulting master plan not only delivered a new design for the park, but also considered how events could be accommodated year-round as well. As a main centerpiece, accommodations were made for a winter ice rink for the Estes Park community.

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A National Framework for Place Management and BIDs in Singapore (2010 to 2012)

Centro Inc. partnered with a UK-based place management firm, and was awarded the contract in November 2010. We are proud to have formed the first public/private sector working group to focus on place management in Singapore. We have also recently finalized a strategic plan for the Singapore River area of the city, and have created new service-delivery structures that leverage public and private sector resources. We also formed the structure for new BID legislation, which went into formal legislative review and establishment in summer 2012.

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Framework for the Future: A Stronger Public/Private Partnership for the Loop (2010-2011)

Working closely with the staff and leadership of the Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA), as well as staff and leaders from the City of Chicago, Centro Inc. was engaged to develop a framework strategy for the future of the Chicago Loop Alliance organization to help inform and guide public and private sector leaders on the opportunities, challenges and existing needs downtown during the transition in mayoral leadership.

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Downtown Framework Study: Sheyenne Street and Main Avenue Corridors (2010-2011)

Funded by a federal grant, the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments secured the assistance of Centro Inc. to develop a comprehensive framework analysis and report for the downtown West Fargo area of the metropolitan region, which sits at the crossroads of two major transit corridors. This study aimed to identify the revitalization and redevelopment potential of the area by exploring niche and positioning strategies, economic conditions, transportation and land use capacity and retail market gaps and opportunities through extensive market research and stakeholder outreach.

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Gateway to LA Airport Business District: Entertainment/Retail Research Study (2009)

Centro Inc. was engaged via partnering San Jose-based consulting firm Downtown Visions Inc. to conduct an analysis of the potential for locating a new retail entertainment venue in the Gateway to LA Airport Business District. This district – a BID that encompasses LAX Airport and the surrounding commercial area – has grown as a competitive destination for surrounding communities and LA visitors. The District’s leadership and staff sought assistance from Centro in creating a competitive case for recruiting and generating new entertainment and retail uses in the district.

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Amanda KrissLAX
Town of Lyons Marketing Plan (2009)

Centro Inc. was contracted by the small mountain town of Lyons, Colorado to produce a marketing plan to increase visitorship. The resulting marketing strategy – which had to be implemented on a shoestring budget –provides for the implementation of a grass-roots and social media campaign that celebrates the diverse, creative nature of the community by letting them “tell the Lyons story.”

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Amanda KrissLyons, CO