Gateway to LA Airport Business District: Entertainment/Retail Research Study (2009)

Laurie Hughes, Executive Director
Gateway to LA Airport Business District

Centro Inc. was engaged via partnering San Jose-based consulting firm Downtown Visions Inc. to conduct an analysis of the potential for locating a new retail entertainment venue in the Gateway to LA Airport Business District. This district – a BID that encompasses LAX Airport and the surrounding commercial area – has grown as a competitive destination for surrounding communities and LA visitors. The District’s leadership and staff sought assistance from Centro in creating a competitive case for recruiting and generating new entertainment and retail uses in the district. The report looked at other major ‘airport districts’ as well as competitive districts in the adjacent LA market to determine the competitive potential for locating the desired venue in the airport district. The report provided policymakers, lenders, and developers with the necessary information for making decisions on the viability of this potential investment and illuminated the advantages of leveraging the district as an economic engine for the region.

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