Town of Lyons Marketing Plan (2009)

Jacque Watson, Economic Development Director
Town of Lyons

This beautiful mountain community boasts a small population, but it makes up for numbers with big character. In the summer of 2009 the Town of Lyons jumpstarted a process to develop a comprehensive strategy for marketing the community. The goal? Get visitors to stop and experience Lyons, get locals to support and embrace it, and invite entrepreneurs to adopt the community as their new home for business. 

Lyons, as a neighbor to Estes Park and the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, boasts millions of drive-through visitors per year. And thanks to its extraordinary natural offerings, the community welcomes hundreds of thousands of fly-fishers, kayakers, hikers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts annually. The small town is also home to one of the biggest bluegrass festivals in the country, not to mention the strength of the burgeoning arts community.  

The resulting marketing strategy – which had to be implemented on a shoestring budget –provides for the implementation of a grass-roots and social media campaign that celebrates the diverse, creative nature of the community by letting them “tell the Lyons story.”

Amanda KrissLyons, CO